Average ESI by President of the United States (POTUS):

President Stress
Trump (3 Years) 3.41
Obama 11.74
Bush Jr. 7.43
Clinton 3.78
Bush Sr. 7.90
Reagan 6.88
Carter 6.70
Nixon/Ford 6.15

ESI by Presidential Term:

President Stress
Trump Current Term 3.41
Obama 2 7.41
Obama 1 16.06
Bush Jr. 2 7.05
Bush Jr. 1 7.82
Clinton 2 1.37
Clinton 1 6.20
Bush Sr. 7.90
Reagan 2 4.32
Reagan 1 9.45
Carter 6.70
Nixon Second Term/Ford 6.15

U6 Explanation

The U-6 counts the regular unemployed (known as the official Unemployment Rate or U-3), plus those marginally attached to the workforce (halfway looking for jobs), plus those who have part time jobs because they can’t find full-time jobs due to the state of the economy. The monthly Economic Stress Index uses a rolling 3-month average of the Seasonally Unadjusted U-6.

GDP Explanation

The percent change in GDP of the latest quarter compared to the same quarter a year earlier. In the Annual section it is the annual percent change in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the current year compared to the year before.

Income Explanation

The three month average income level change from the same three months a year earlier. In the Annual section, it is the income level change of the current year compared to the proceeding year. The monthly numbers are from Sentier Research. The Annual number is preliminary until the Census releases its annual report.